My Dead Wife
- Jason

Things had grown so bad that day. The kids wouldn't stop hollering about church and how come we never go - these godamn kids are all I've got these days...


and the smokes...

But anyways, they were fussing and carrying on for a while...for the whole drive actually, until we drove by Mr. Beanshit's Liquor, or something like that, and I (very coolly) looked in the rear view mirror and cooed:

"hey, anyone for...popsicles?"

That got them going alright...squealing miserable childish shit to one another as I turned the van around and headed back towards the store, slowed down right before it, then slammed down on the gas pedal.

"tough break, eh fuckos?!?" I screeched into the back seat as we flew past old Mr. Beanshit's dump.

This was too fucking wild...I felt great! Man, were those kids hurt..hurt and sad, sad and hurt...."Yeah..." I smiled.

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